What do you think of Alfred Molina? Regardless of whether you liked the productions he appeared in, there is no doubt Molina is an extraordinary actor.

Alfred Molina (24 May 1953-)

Molina, born on 24 May 1953 in Paddington, England, has worked on virtually every genre imaginable.

Even though many people will chiefly recall the Paddington born actor’s character, Doc Ock / Dr. Otto Octavius, in the 2004 Sam Raimi directed comic book inspired film “Spider-Man 2,” he made a huge impact on the entertainment world with his appearances in films such as “Frida” (2002), “Identity” (2003), “The Da Vinci Code,” “As You Like It” (2006), “An Education” (2009) and “The Tempest” (2010).

There is little doubt, with the wealth of experience Molina has accumulated over the years, the quality of performance provided for his character in the yet-to-be-released Boris Damast directed film “Vivaldi” will be every bit as thought-provoking as that seen with other period dramas he the actor has worked on.

Despite not being the title character in the 2002 Julie Taymor directed biographical period drama “Frida,” Molina dominated very scene he appeared in. Cast as the prominent Mexican painter Diego Rivera, Molina was simply magnificent.

In addition to playing larger than life movie characters for the big screen, Molina was every bit as comfortable performing for television cameras.

Fans of the highly popular New York set drama franchise “Law & Order,” will recall the actor played Gabriel Duvall in a two part crossover story for “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order: Trial by Jury.”

Duvall was not the only character Molina played in the “Law & Order” franchise.

The “Law & Order” franchise, with the shows “Law & Order,” “Special Victims Unit,” “Criminal Intent” and “Trial by Jury,” was predominantly set in New York. That changed in 2010 with “Law & Order: LA.”

In the LA set show, Molina played Det. Ricardo Morales. With Molina already established in the franchise as Duvall, it would have been interesting to see how a story would have panned out if his two characters had been placed in the same narrative.

Unfortunately, despite being groundbreaking in their respective conceptions, neither “Trial by Jury” and “LA” were long lived incarnations of the franchise.

With no shortage of work coming his way, 2017 has been a busy year for Molina and it is not even June. While the actor has been seen in the 2017 productions “Breakable You,” “Sam Did It,” “Justice League Dark,” “Long Day’s Journey Into Night: Live,” other productions yet-to-be-released this year include “The Overcoat,” “I’m Dying Up Here,” “Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie” and “Saint Judy.”

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Shain E. Thomas, a contributor to the Handbook of Texas Online, is a University of North Texas graduate student majoring in Library Information Science.