Are you interested in reading “The Late Show”?


If you are familiar with Michael Connelly’s work, you should be. Considering how captivating the “Harry Bosch” novels are, Connelly knows how to spin a compelling narrative. Renée Ballard, Connelly’s new character, sounds every bit as intriguing as the characters we have come to respect.

Scheduled for release on Jul 18, 2017, the highly anticipated soon-to-be-released novel “The Late Show” promises wonderful things for readers to digest. The brilliance of the Philadelphia born author’s work cannot be understated.

Until she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor, Ballard was apparently considered an up-and-coming detective. A star-in-the-making, so to speak. If anything, the Late Show beat is punishment.

Working the night shift isn’t exactly a picnic. Anyone familiar with Hollywood during the late-night hours will tell you as much.

Typically, when the end of her shift arrives, Ballard must hand her cases over to the day shift detectives.

One night however, the young detective catches two assignments which she wants to see through to the end. Like Bosch, Ballard is as head strong as they come. In wanting to prove she is every bit as capable as the day shift detectives, she wants to put these cases to bed herself.

Not wanting to give these cases up, and against her partner’s wishes, Ballard works both cases by day while simultaneously maintaining her regular shift by night.

As her investigations being to tangle, the mysteries the detective uncover pull her closer to her own demons.

Once again, with his eloquent words, Connelly has proven he has the fortitude to rise to the challenge of crafting a captivating narrative.

“The Late Show” will be available from Amazon on Kindle, hardcover, Audible Audiobook and audio CD Jul 18, 2017.