Do you remember the 1960s Irwin Allen created television family adventure comedy “Lost in Space”?

Created by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, a re-imagining of “Lost in Space” is coming to Netflix mid-April 2018.

Set in the mid-21st century, some 28 years from now, the Robinson family board the Jupiter 2. The Jupiter 2 is one of several craft sent out from Earth to explore space. In a freak accident, when the ship encounters a rip in spacetime, the Jupiter 2 crashes on an unknown class-M planet.

Lightyears from their intended destination, the Robinson family and other colonists find themselves marooned on a strange hostile planet. While they must battle this newly found alien environment, they must also face their own personal demons as they attempt to find a way of the planet.

The series, with ten episodes in the first season, will star Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Ignacio Serricchio, Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell, Max Jenkins and Parker Posey as John Robinson, Maureen Robinson, Don West, Penny Robinson, Judy Robinson, Will Robinson and Dr. Smith, respectively.

That’s right. Dr. Smith is played by a woman, Posey. In the original series, Dr. Zachary Smith was played by Jonathan Harris.

In the unspeakable 1998 film adaptation, the only aspect of the film worth mentioning without groaning in agony, the character was played by the multitalented Gary Oldman.

Even though there were some seriously talented people attached to this film, the production itself is a blot on the landscape of quality science fiction films. Having “Friends” alumnus Matt LeBlanc play Maj. Don West was not the greatest idea ever conceived.

With Posey stepping into Smith’s shoes, we will certainly see a different side to the sly mischievous character Harris originally embodied.

  1. Will Don and Penny be a couple?
  2. Is Will always going to find himself in danger?
  3. Will there be just cause for the Robinson family to fear Dr. Smith?
  4. Is there a robot?

When the new series finally arrives, these questions and more will be addressed, there is no doubt.