Best Picture Nominee: “Get Out”

From left: Marcus Henderson and Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington and Walter, respectively, in the Jordan Peele written and directed mystery horror thriller “Get Out” (2017)

The fourth film nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture is the Jordan Peele written and directed mystery horror thriller “Get Out.”

In addition to the top category production award, “Get Out” has been nominated for three other awards at this year’s ceremony: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.


According to IMDb, when it pertains to Peele and the directorial chair, this is his first rodeo. Despite this point, considering how well the film turned out, no one can see Peele did not give the production his finest work.

Even though Peele has proven he is more than capable of occupying the directorial chair, with the level of competition he faces for both Best Director and Best Picture awards, there is question as to whether the Academy will bestow upon a first-time director its top category statuette. If the directorial award does go to Peele, based on Academy history, there is a good chance “Get Out” will also pick up the Academy Award for Best Picture.

It is nice to have the opportunity to direct a work that you yourself penned. Although it was Peele’s first time outing as director of a big screen production, he does have extensive experience writing teleplays. Having penned numerous teleplays for episodes of “MADtv” and “Key and Peele,” Peele is also known for writing the script for the television film “Rubberhead” (2014).

While it is nice to see that the production picked up four nominations, it is noticeable “Get Out” did not make list for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Editing. What is it Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener and Gregory Plotkin did not do that their counterparts in other productions accomplished in their respective films?

“Get Out” revolves around young African American Chris Washington (Kaluuya) and his white girlfriend Rose Armitage (Williams). In this story, Armitage takes Washington to meet for the first time her parents Dean and Missy (Whitford and Keener).


Kaluuya has picked up a nomination for Best Actor. Was his performance worthy of a nomination for an Academy Award? While some people might argue the actor did not put in enough work to garner such a high honour, it will be evident from what these critics expressed, they have not fully appreciated what has been accomplished.

Despite turning in a performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination, it should be noted Kaluuya has some seriously stiff competition in the form of Timothée ChalametDaniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington. Each one of these actors, some more accomplished than others, have presented in their respective productions work of an outstanding quality. Even if Kaluuya does not pick up the award, the achievement of having been nominated speaks volumes to the quality of his work.


Is anyone else surprised Williams did not pick up a nomination for her work on “Get Out”? With there being nine films nominated for Best Picture, limiting the other categories to five nominees seems a tad mean, especially considering the quality of the work Williams and actresses like her put into crafting the performances they gave for their respective productions. Williams’ performance as Rose Armitage was worthy of a nomination.

Anyone familiar with the Lena Dunham created HBO dramedy “Girls” will recall, for six seasons, Williams played Marnie Michaels. Prior to being cast in “Girls,” in 2011, the actress could be seen as Kate Middleton in the comedy “Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After.” If you were wondering the identity of the actor that played Prince William, that was Oliver Jackson-Cohen.


Anyone familiar with Whitford’s work will know the actor played White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman in the Aaron Sorkin created political drama series “The West Wing.” What was so wrong with his performance that the actor did not receive a nomination from the Academy Awards?

Whitford is currently working on three films. “The Last Full Measure” and “Destroyer,” directed by Todd Robinson and Karyn Kusama, respectively, are scheduled for release later this year. The third film, the Michael Dougherty directed “Godzilla: King of Monsters,” is scheduled for release in 2019.

In addition to playing Dean Armitage in “Get Out,” Whitford can also be seen in portraying Arthur Parsons in the Steven Spielberg directed biographical period drama “The Post.” Oddly, despite turning in an exceptional performance in both productions, “The West Wing” alum was not nominated for an award for either of these roles.


What was wrong Keener’s work? In “Get Out,” Keener can be seen playing Missy Armitage. With having appeared in films such as “Being John Malkovich” (1999), “Adaptation.” (2002), “Capote” (2005), “The Soloist” (2009) and “Captain Phillips” (2013), working on Peele’s mystery horror was not her first time in front of the camera.

Currently working on three films: “Incredibles 2,” “Sicario 2: Soldado” (2018) and “The Croods 2” (2020), Keener will soon be seen in the Dave Holstein created situation comedy “Kidding” with Jim Carrey and Frank Langella.


With having been seated in the editorial chair for productions such as “Southside” (2003), “Disfigured” (2008), “Burning Palms,” and four of the six Paranormal Activity instalments (2010 – 2014), Plotkin has established himself as a film editor.

Further, in respect to working in the editorial departments of other productions, Plotkin put his skills to good use on films such as “Frequency” (2000), “The Recruit” (2003), “The Break-Up” (2006), “Fracture” (2007) and “World War Z” (2013).