Daniel Day-Lewis as Reynolds Woodcock in the Paul Thomas Anderson written and directed romantic drama “Phantom Thread” (2017)

One of the films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture is the Paul Thomas Anderson written and directed romantic drama “Phantom Thread.”

If you are familiar with this year’s nominees, you will know the Anderson production is one of nine films to make the grade as a potential Best Picture winner.

Set in London during the 1950s, the film revolves around renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock. Played by multi-Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis, Woodcock finds his fastidious world turned upside-down when the strong-willed Alma walks into his life. Played by Vicky Krieps, Alma quickly becomes the dressmaker’s muse and lover.

Is this Best Picture material? With the likes of Day-Lewis in the cast, performances are of a high standard. Further to Day-Lewis and Krieps, the cast includes Lesley Manville, Sue Clark, Joan Brown, Harriet Leitch and Dinah Nicholson.

Each person cast in this production has an established reputation for quality work. If there is any doubt to the validity of their work, a quick review of their respective IMDb pages would quantify the point precisely.

While Anderson is uncredited as the director of photography, the production’s director did take responsibility for the film’s cinematography. Despite this point, it was Dylan Tichenor that was charged with giving “Phantom Thread” the Best Picture feel it needed to be ranked as a potential top category winner at the Academy Awards.

Tichenor, having occupied the film editor’s chair for “Phantom Thread,” is no newcomer to the world of film editing. With the talented Tichenor editing the production, a lack of a Best Film Editing nomination for the film editor should be vigorously questioned.

Beginning in 1995 with the Fisher Stevens directed short comedy “Call of the Wylie,” Tichenor was responsible for editing Best Picture Academy Award nominated films “Brokeback Mountain” (2005) and “There Will Be Blood” (2007).

While “Brokeback Mountain” and “There Will Be Blood” lost out to the 2004 Paul Haggis written and directed crime drama “Crash” and the 2007 Ethan Coen  / Joel Coen co-written and directed “No Country for Old Men,” respectively, the film editor saw his projects bear fruit at other prominent awards ceremonies.

Despite the lack of a nomination for Tichenor, Anderson saw his film pick up Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Score and Best Costume Design.

Even though each of the people recognised by the Academy Awards with a nomination contributed something of substance to the overall feel of the production, it would be remiss of Anderson to underestimate the legitimate presence of the other eight films on the Best Picture nominee list.