Exciting news for “Bosch” fans has the Eric Ellis Overmyer developed Amazon Prime original police drama series is renewed for a fifth season.


The drama, based on novels penned by Pennsylvania born author Michael Connelly. Revolves around LAPD Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch. With the drama’s fourth season scheduled to premiere later this year, the title character is played by Titus Welliver.

For three seasons, Welliver has provided viewers with quality dramatic acting. Despite the level of acting ability Welliver brings to the table, one person cannot carry an entire production without significant support from acting talents of an equal standing.

Fortunately for Welliver, he works with extraordinarily talented actors.

With a regular cast inclusive of Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, Gregory Scott Cummins, Madison Lintz, Troy Evans, Scott Klace, Deji LaRay, Sarah Clarke and DaJuan Johnson, every episode benefits from the wealth of experience each person brings to the table.

No one actor is undeserving of their respective role. Even the guest stars add something substantial to each episode.

Welliver, an accomplished actor in his own right, studied drama at New York University during the early 1980s. Even though the actor is currently best known for playing the title role in “Bosch,” Welliver’s career in film and television stems back to as early as the early 1990s with the Lewis Teague directed “Navy Seals.”

Even though Welliver has appeared in several police related dramas in white hat roles, the actor has been known to occasionally switch to the dark side. Quintessentially addressing this point, Star Trek fans might recall the actor played Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Burke in the “Star Trek: VoyagerDavid Livingston directed two-part story beginning with “Equinox: Part I” and concluding in “Equinox: Part II.”


Even though there is an ineffable quality to the acting, “Bosch” could not exist without Connelly. It is Connelly’s words, sentences and paragraphs that make the Amazon Prime series possible.

With the soon-to-be-published “Dark Sacred Night” scheduled it hit bookstore shelves 30 Oct. 2018, there is hopes we shall see Connelly’s character Renee Ballard make an appearance on “Bosch.”

Beginning with the 1992 published “The Black Echo,” inclusive of “Dark Sacred Night,” Connelly has penned no fewer than 21 novels featuring his LAPD detective Bosch. Bosch has become just as much part of the LA landscape as Colin Dexter’s Inspectors Morse and Lewis have in respect to Oxford.

“Dark Sacred Night” is the second novel to feature Ballard. With any luck, an appearance by Ballard could inspire Amazon Studios to invest in a spin-off series.

Until then, we have the fourth season to look forwards to, arriving on Amazon Prime Friday, 13 April 2018.