Currently known for playing Fred Buckle in the BBC period drama “Call the Midwife,” Cliff Parisi was born on 24 May 1960 in London, United Kingdom.

Cliff Parisi is most known for playing Minty in “EastEnders.”

Parisi has been known to perform as a stand-up comedian.

After working for a significant number of years as a stand-up comedian, the actor was offered a bit part in the 1989 Jon Amiel directed “Queen of Hearts.”

His first notable television character was in the series “Chancer.” This was the catalyst for bigger parts. Not long thereafter, Parisi appeared in “Kavanagh QC,” “Bramwell,” and “A Prince Among Men.”

After developing a taste for acting, Parisi auditioned for the part of Minty Peterson in the long running BBC soap opera “EastEnders.” It should be noted the former stand-up comedian had been recommended for the part by close friend and “EastEnders” actor Steve McFadden.

Since Parisi first appeared in the soap opera, the character has evolved from a cold-hearted landlord to a hapless unlucky-in-love mechanic. Interestingly, a storyline developed in which he later found love with established characters Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) and Manda Best (Josie Lawrence).