Coming Soon: 16 Feb. 2018


Do you have any plans to see a film this weekend? If your film viewing interests include but is not limited to comic book-based adaptations, comedic animated feature films or tales of biblical proportions, this week sees productions released which you will want to see.

The latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, the Ryan Coogler directed science fiction action adventure “Black Panther,” is scheduled to hit American movie theater screens Friday, 16 Feb. 2018.

“Black Panther” is sixth film in the MCU’s third phase.

With a screenplay co-written by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole, this film revolves around T’Challa / Black Panther (Boseman) returning home to Wakanda after the death of the country’s king, his father.

Wakanda is an isolated technologically advanced African nation.

With the death of his father, T’Challa should succeed the late king and take his rightful place on the Wakanda throne.

To lend context to what transpires in “Black Panther,” it was in the Russo brothers co-directed “Captain America: Civil War” Wakanda’s King T’Chaka (John Kani) is killed during a terrorist attack orchestrated by Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl).

With another four instalments scheduled for release between “Black Panther” and the end of the current phase of the franchise, with ten productions, phase three is the longest section of the MCU thus far.

While the Nick Park directed animated comedy “Early Man” was first released in the British Isles on Saturday, 20 Jan. 2018, the American moviegoing audience wait for this production is almost over. It arrives on American movie screens Friday, 16 Feb. 2018.

With a budget of $50 million, the production has only seen a box office take of $2.8 million thus far. While the film has yet to open in North America, some movie critics will invariably argue this low box office take reflects a poorly made film.

Contrary to widespread belief, box office take is more a reflection of popularity than it is the quality of the production. A film can have been made with the highest standards available to filmmakers and yet still be immensely unpopular.

The third of the three films discussed here is the Bruce MacdonaldGabriel Sabloff co-directed period action drama “Samson.”

With a screenplay written by Jason Baumgardner, Galen Gilbert, Timothy Ratajczak and Zach Smith, Macdonald and Sabloff bring to the big screen a film inspired by the Biblical story of Samson.

After losing the love of his life to the cruel Philistine Prince Rallah (Rathbone), a young Hebrew named Samson (James) uses his Supernatural strength to defend his people. Samson sacrifices everything to avenge his love, his people and his G-d.

Scheduled to hit American movie theater screens on Friday, 16 Feb. 2018, there is question whether right-wing conservatively minded Christians will take to the film as they have done with previous productions featuring the characters Samson and Delilah.

Other films released in these United States on Friday, 16 Feb. 2018 includes “Aiyaary” (2018), “The Party” (2017), “Loveless” (2017), “Nostalgia” (2018), “Oh Lucy!” (2017), “Double Lover” (2017), “Tehran Taboo” (2017), “The Boy Downstairs” (2017), “The Monkey King 3” (2018), “Mind Game” (2004) and “Western” (2017). Please note the years referenced reflects the year each production was originally released.