Was “Crisis on Earth-X” the Arrowverse crossover you had hoped for?

The annual Arrowverse crossover is now set in stone. “Crisis on Earth-X,” the fourth major Arrowverse crossover event, spans all four shows: “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” With the addition of the live-action appearance of Ray Terrill / The Ray (Russell Tovey), this year’s crossover event pulls into the mix elements from the animated web series “Freedom Fighters: The Ray.”

The crossover, spread over 27 and 28 Nov. 2017, saw everyone’s favourite super friends come to Central City for the wedding of Barry Allen / The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton).

With so many lead characters vying for screen time, it would be unrealistic to expect all of them to appear in each episode. Despite this point, “Crisis on Earth-X” was every bit as spectacular as last year’s crossover event “Invasion.”

“Supergirl: S3.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

Earth-X’s Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) is impressive. Even though he has all the fighting skills James Olsen / Guardian of Earth-38 has, the Red Arrow took Guardian out quickly. Red Arrow? I couldn’t think of anything else to call him. Since he has arrows with red accents, it seems appropriate.

The Legends opening sequence, set in England 1163 AD, clearly had Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) playing Friar Tuck and Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) playing Little John. Even though there was a bowman hidden in the trees,

Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) referring to the Dominator she was fighting as being “so last year” is a reference to the “Invasion” storyline depicted in last year’s crossover event.

While Cisco Ramon’s (Carlos Valdes) Squidward reference was cute, I don’t see Dr. Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) as being Squidward-y. It could be that Cisco considers Wells and Squidward birds of a feather. Regardless of other’s feelings, Wells and Squidward are both brutally honest.

Even though the scene was fleeting, Sara Lance / White Canary (Caity Lotz) and Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) steamed up the screen for a few seconds. Off screen, on board the Waverider, Lance and Danvers spent a steamy night together. We know it happened because we saw Danvers waking up in the same bed as Lance. In trying to leave discreetly, Danvers falls out of bed.

In the heat of the moment, Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) asked Felicity Smoak / Overwatch (Emily Bett Rickards) to marry him. That didn’t go as well as Queen had hoped. Smoak said no. I didn’t think Smoak would say no but she did. It turns out Smoak is not a “piece of paper” type woman.

Did Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) recognise Rory? I am guessing he may have but did not want to cause a scene in front of everyone. Rory, while he is a Legend, has a colourful past.

The young lady that offered Barry a drink to calm his nerves is still in the forefront of my mind. I am wondering about the identity of this person. Is she more than she appears? I am sure we will see her again.

It was nice seeing Supergirl sing a few verses from the song Runnin’ Home to You. If you saw “The Flash: S3.E17 Duet,” you will recall Barry sang Runnin’ Home to You moments before proposing to Iris.

Even though I liked Allen singing Runnin’ Home to You, I must admit I prefer Supergirl’s version.

Unlike that seen with last year’s crossover, the Supergirl episode is not just a nod to being part of the event.

Prometheus’ (actor not yet revealed) comment about there being “One wedding. Two funerals…” could be construed a passing reference to the 1994 Mike Newell directed comedy “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” But then, I could be making connections where none exists.

Unfortunately, like that seen in last year’s crossover, Wally West / Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) did not play a major role in this episode. It would have been ice to have seen Kid Flash do more. It seems he was sidelined again.

In the closing scene of the episode, we saw Earth-X’s, Supergirl, Green Arrow and Reverse Flash reveal their faces. Even though I referenced the Reverse Flash, for this story, the name given to the evil speedster is Eobard Thawne / Dark Flash (Tom Cavanagh).

How is Dark Flash different to the Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash we saw during The Flash’s first season? Hopefully that will be revealed in the second episode…. Coming up right now.

“Arrow: S6.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2

In the opening scene, it is revealed Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) is Earth-X’s Prometheus. Seriously? Was I the only one not in the loop on there being an Earth-X version of Tommy Merlin in “Crisis on Earth-X”?

Did anyone else notice Allen say, “A metric ton of smart people … and Rory”? Rory evidently did. Allen implied Rory isn’t smart. While he might not have the smarts of the people around him, Rory has a skill set his fellow Legends do not possess. He knows how to execute a well-orchestrated heist.

While it may have been sarcasm, Curtis Holt / Mr Terrific (Echo Kellum) seemed to not know synonyms for “flash.”

The Merlin from Earth 1 died at the end of Arrow’s first season. The Earth-X Merlin is nothing like the Queen’s dead friend. By taking a cyanide capsule, Merlin killed himself.

Both Queens have brooding down to an art form. That’s really the only aspect of the character that transcends universes.

Danvers had issues with what she did with Lance. She regretted sleeping with the assassin. Personally speaking, considering it is Lance we are talking about, I wouldn’t feel any regrets about sleeping with her.

Everything came into focus when we saw the principle villains reveal themselves. Evil versions of Oliver and Supergirl. The Dark Flash is really the Reverse Flash.

Did anyone else see that coming? I was correct in referencing the Dark Flash as being the Reverse Flash. It turns out the character is the same one from The Flash’s first season. How is this possible?

Except for Uncle Ben from the Spider-Man origin story, no one stays dead for long in comic book based universes.

“I’m saving Nazi you for you,” The Flash says to the Green Arrow. Nice line fabulously delivered.

This episode is every bit as action packed as the first part.

It’s funny Oliver must remind both The Flash and Supergirl he doesn’t have superspeed. It takes the Green Arrow a little longer to get anywhere. Unlike his friends Barry and Kara, Oliver can’t just arrive in a flash.

Red Arrow is married to the evil Supergirl. I didn’t see that coming. Kara was revulsed by this revelation.

Since meeting Kara last year, Oliver now has Kryptonite arrows in his quiver. This surprised Kara.

Did anyone else notice Smoak referenced “Arrow: S2.E3 Broken Dolls”? She was able to track a serial killer by the face cream he used.

While it took most of the episode before the rest of Team Arrow made an appearance, it was real nice when they did.

Mr. Terrific was right. “Does anyone else want to be a hero?” is the perfect entry line. With Mr. Terrific, Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) and Dinah Drake / Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy) were there. Unfortunately, there was no sign of John Diggle (David Ramsey).

With most of the Team Arrow members now in the mix, the absence of key Legends is telling.

It was only a matter of time before someone referenced “The Man in the High Castle.” Smoak’s line “Oliver in the High Castle” was cute.

During one of the fight sequence at the warehouse, Metallo makes an appearance. Even though John Corben / Metallo (Frederick Schmidt) appeared in “Supergirl” on three separate occasions, the Earth-X version of the character we are introduced to here is completely different. Based on the voice given to the character, it sounds like Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong). This Metallo is an android.

The reason for Earth-X’s nastiest villains being on Earth 1 is Supergirl. The evil Supergirl needs a new heart and she knows where she can find a compatible matching heart.

Did you see the unconscious body being carried by a Nazi and placed into one of the cells at Star Labs? Even though I am thinking this could be Ray Terrill / The Ray, I would just be speculating. We will have to wait until the next episode for the big reveal.

The second episode closed with many of the heroes waking up in an Earth-X concentration camp.

If you are interested in what Pagey thinks of the crossover (and you should be), he has created a YouTube video for the first two episodes.

“The Flash: S4.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3

It looks like my assumption Ray Terrill / The Ray had ben placed in the pipeline was just that… An assumption. An incorrect assumption. The Ray was in the Earth-X concentration camp with our heroes. Not from Earth-X, The Ray is from Earth-1.

The Ray is great. He’s also gay and in a relationship with Earth-X’s Leo Snart / Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller). Were you surprised to see an Earth-X version of Snart? Considering how the Arrowverse rolls, I can’t say I was surprised. Fortunately for the heroes, Snart was there to rescue his boyfriend.

With Tovey playing Ray Terrill / The Ray, this is the fourth “Doctor Who” alumni to portray an Arrowverse character. John Barrowman, known in the Arrowverse as Malcolm Merlyn, played Captain Jack Harkness in both “Doctor Who” and the spinoff series “Torchwood.” Everyone’s favourite archaeologist, the wife of the Eleventh Doctor, Professor River Song was played by Alex Kingston. In the Arrowverse, Kingston played Dinah Lance.

The fourth “Doctor Who” alumni to appear in an Arrowverse series is Arthur Darvill. While in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” the actor plays Rip Hunter, the character Darvill is best known for is Rory Williams. In “Doctor Who,” Williams was married to Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). Keeping with the comic book theme, Gillan plays Nebula in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Earth-X’s use of Star of David and pink triangle patches on concentration camp prisoner uniforms is a direct reference to Earth-1’s Second World War and what Nazi Germany did to Jews and gay people.

Did you see Nazi Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne)? Blackthorne played the role to perfection. The darker side of Blackthorne’s acting ability is shown. Blackthorne’s Nazi was more convincing than Benoist’s Overgirl. Benoist didn’t present us with an Earth-X version of Supergirl which felt the way one would expect for a Nazi Kryptonian.

In the background, when the Nazi Lance was speaking to Sarah, the song Edelweiss is faintly heard.  Written by Rogers and Hammerstein, Edelweiss comes from their 1959 musical “The Sound of Music.” This is not the first time Edelweiss is used in an episode of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

In “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: S2.E2 The Justice Society of America,” Stein eloquently sings it when the Legends visit Nazi-occupied Paris.

The Terminator reference was obvious. “Come with me if you want to live…” I am sure Iris is not the only Arrowverse character to use the line.

The resistance base is Team Arrow’s base. In some ways, this surprised me. I was thinking the resistance would be been at Star Labs.

General Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), Earth-X’s version of Danvers’ friend and colleague, is darker than what we see on Earth-38. This should not surprise anyone. He is leading a fight against the Nazis.

Did you see Rickards playing the Earth-X Smoak? Even though the scene was brief, Nazi Lance used Smoak to test Oliver. Oliver was posing as his evil doppelganger. Lance saw Oliver for the person he is.

We see Stein mortally wounded in the closing scene of the episode. Even though we know Garber is leaving “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” dying is not the exit the character should receive.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: S3.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4

The episode opens where the previous one left off. Stein is shot a second time. Even with his wounds, he accomplished the goal and open a breach to Earth-1.

The opening scenes were spectacular.

The rest of the Legends arrive just in time. “Who needs an army when you’ve got Legends?”

A second reference to “The Terminator”… Cute. You can never have too many Terminator references.

There were some nice scenes between Stein and Jefferson Jackson (Franz Drameh). Stein dying was not what anyone expected. There are fans of the series that had hoped the professor would have just been retired from superhero life and not killed off.

Because of him returning to Broadway, it was known Garber was leaving “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” For many of us that have become fond of the character, we did not expect to see the professor leaving the series so soon in the season.

With a story this big, it would have been foolish to have expected all the heroes to have made it to the finish line.

The decisive battle was epic. The episode packs a serious punch. All the heroes get an opportunity to shine…. With it being revealed a trailer, the existence of a Nazi Waverider was not a surprise. Another aspect of the fight which should not have come as any huge surprise is Barry’s inability to kill the Reverse Flash.

Stein’s funeral was touching. It was a fitting tribute to a fabulously played character.

With Diggle’s help, Barry And Iris get married. Further, not that it should have come has any huge surprise to anyone, Oliver and Felicity are now married.

“Arrow” has been renewed for a seventh season. Hopefully, both “Supergirl” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” are renewed for fourth seasons; and “The Flash” is renewed for a fifth season. If everything falls into place, we will see at least one more major crossover event.

“Supergirl: S3.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1“
“Arrow: S6.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2”
“The Flash: S4.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3“
“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: S3.E8 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4“
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