Do you remember the 1992 Rob Reiner directed military courtroom drama “A Few Good Men”? Get ready for a television film remake.

While in the 1992 big screen film, Jack Nicholson played the lead protagonist Col. Nathan R. Jessep, in the remake, this character’s shoes are being filled by Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin.

Whether Baldwin is able to make the character his own is questionable, especially considering how Jessep is synonymous with Nicholson.

Jessep is one of Nicholson’s iconic roles. Every scene the actor appeared in was performed to a high standard. With regard to presenting an extraordinary performance, that is what actors such as Nicholson do.

If you are unfamiliar with the big screen “A Few Good Men,” with a screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin, this is the film Tom Cruise where he played US Navy attorney Lt. Daniel Kaffee. Further to Cruise, this production starred Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Pollak. There are also cameo appearance by John M. Jackson and Noah Wyle.

Jackson’s appearance in this film as a naval officer predates him being cast as the Judge Advocate General Admiral A.J. Chegwidden in the long running Donald P. Bellisario created military courtroom drama “JAG.”

Wyle is best known for playing Dr. John Carter in the long running medical drama “ER” and the Indiana Jones-esk character Flynn Carsen in the adventure series “The Librarians.”

Even though the television remake is listed for a 2018 premiere, it should be noted the Scott Ellis / Alex Rudzinski co-directed production has been in pre-production since Tuesday, 14 June 2016. Will this television film be seen this year?

With the amount of real-life legal drama at the highest levels of American society constantly in the news, the chances of seeing “A Few Good Men” hit television screens before the end of the year have improved significantly.