It’s the final three cheftestants. How cool is that?

With several options for them to select from, the competitors assigned the challenges to one another. If it wasn’t difficult enough, the world was turned upside down. Midway through the competition, inspired by another previous quickfire challenge, an additional twist element was added.

The winning chef, Mike (Pork Shoulder with Black Beans, Chili Paste, Ginger & Cabbage Salad), earned himself $5,000 for his efforts.

The elimination challenge, the most difficult challenge in the history of the culinary show, was divided into two parts.

For the first part, the chefs prepared a meal, inspired by what one of the guest judges would want for their last meal. The chefs had to cook for Wolfgang Puck, Masaharu Morimoto and Michelle Bernstein.

Since Mike was the quickfire challenge winner, he selected which guest his competitors cooked for. Consequently, Richard cooked for Puck and Antonia cooked for Iron Chef Morimoto.

While Mike was clearly surprised he did not win the first part of the elimination challenge, no one else should be surprised Richard (Beef Goulash, Spaetzel with Sour Cream & Apple Strudel with Tarragon) won.

Immediately following the announcement Richard had won the challenge, the chefs went into the second part of the elimination challenge. For this second part of the challenge, the two losing chefs were asked to cook one last perfect bite to secure the last spot in the season finale.

Antonia (Seared Grouper in Coconut Lobster Broth with Yam, Apple & Dill Pollen Relish) did not advance to the finale.