The season epic finale was epic. Both Richard and Mike worked hard to get to the finale, there is no doubt.

In the final elimination challenge, the two “Top Chef” finalists were tasked with not only designing their own dream restaurant, they were also asked to create a four-course tasting menu.

Both Richard and Mike afforded three sous chefs to work with. The sous chefs were selected from the sixteen previously eliminated contestants through a blind taste test.

For this final elimination challenge, Richard was assisted by Angelo, Antonia, and Spike; and Mike was assisted by Carla, Jamie, and Tiffani.

The finalists had to create a menu and cook for no less than 70 people plus the judging panel. With creating a restaurant, everything is done in five hours.

Both Richard and Mike were in this competition to win it. At the end of the day, there could only be one winner.



Based on how much work Richard put into creating his menu, the items that were created were more involved than that seen on Mike’s menu. This is not to say Mike didn’t work hard. He did.

The “Top Chef: All-Star” season winner is Richard.