With a new eight-episode-season format, “Every Friday with Dan and Olivia” returned Friday, 9 Feb. 2018 with “A Galaxy Full of Orphans.”

Podcast hosts Dan Miles and Olivia d’Abo will be present for all eight episodes. Because of Olivia’s acting schedule, both hosts could not previously commit to being present for all episodes. With episodes prerecorded in eight episode batches, all of that changes.

For this episode of the newly formatted podcast, screenwriter Matthew Corey guest stars.

If you are familiar with “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” you may know Olivia played Amanda Rogers in the René Echevarria written sixth season episode “True Q.” Corey, at only 17-years-old, was the person responsible for coming up with the source material for this sixth season episode.

Corey is one of the youngest people to have submitted a story idea for “Star Trek: TNG.” While the screenwriter said he wasn’t a big Trek fan growing up. When TNG started, he was on board from the beginning. He is basically a TNG trekkie.

Listening to other “Star Trek” fans discuss their thoughts on the TNG series is most enlightening.

The episode, directed by Robert Scheerer, is one of my favourites. “True Q” was televised in the United States on Saturday, 24 Oct. 1992.

Even though Corey inspired the episode, the screenwriter’s original concept was significantly more light-hearted than that which made television screens.

Without going into any further detail, not wanting to spoil the podcast for people wanting to listen to it, the link to the episode “A Galaxy Full of Orphans.”