Scheduled for release in the United States on Friday, 23 Feb. 2018, “Dagger” is the latest single created by Fontaine.

Driven by a desire to create a fresh dynamic sound, Fountain presents to its audience a distinctly unique musical aesthetic which speaks to both folk and alternative rock aficionados alike. With a balance of intimate and expansive tones, the authenticity of their music is unmistakable.

The Fontaine brothers Ike and Luke, native Bostonians, have a creative bond that has developed over several years. With the addition of friend and collaborator Conner Edmunds on drums and vocals, Fontaine has become a trio.

After being court up in and stranded by Hurricane Irma on the island of Saint Marteen last Sept., Fontaine returned home with a renewed vigour in their musical step. The passion to create something new had been awakened.

Now based in Nashville, TN, Fontaine has found new voice with its musical style. The vocal melody and harmony are key to Fontaine’s success. If you listen to Fontaine’s music, you will note unequivocally these aspects of the group’s music take center stage.

With fond remembrances of their father’s bluegrass band, Fontaine has afforded its audience a glimpse into the Fontaine brother’s childhood experiences.

Once you have access to “Dagger,” pay close attention to the lyrics. You will hear in the way in which Fontaine presents the song what it is that influenced its creation. The brilliance of this song cannot be understated.

The band has an extraordinary ability to draw you into its music.

With the new year quickly approaching the middle of February, Fontaine has new music to debut and new ever evolving stories to reveal.

With the release of “Dagger” as a single on Friday, 23 Feb. 2018, Fontaine will also be putting out a video to accompany the single a week later, on Friday, 2 March 2018.

“Dagger” will ultimately lead to an EP debut later this year.

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