Many entertainment professionals have been born in Dallas, Texas. These persons which were born in Dallas include Robin Wright, Christine Lakin, Gina Carano, Jesse Plemons, Josh Henderson, Amy Acker, and Owen Wilson. Another immense talent born in Dallas is the extraordinary Glenn Morshower.

In my mind, Morshower is one of the finest actors to come out of Texas.

The standard of acting he presents to the audience is extremely high. When Morshower is on screen, he has the ability to capture the moment with a single glance. Being the professional he is, the actor also has the ability to hide in plain sight. In essence, he becomes the character being performed.

I recall the evening I met Morshower. Morshower, born on April 24, 1959, told me the important aspect of being type cast in a particular range of characters is being cast. Once an actor has become established, the work that has been done is known by both industry insiders and the world at large.

Illustrating this point is the many characters the Dallas born actor has played either in uniform as a military office and suited up as a federal agent.

The actor played a General or military officer in both the “Transformer” film franchise and the “X-Men” franchise film “X-Men: First Class.” Then there is of course Aaron Pierce, a Secret Service agent, Morshower played in the popular drama series “24.”

Morshower, in making Pierce such a compelling character, was the reason I watched “24.”

When it comes to guest-starring appearances in television productions, it might be easier to list the productions the actor has not appeared in. While Morshower was not playing the same character in both productions, he did appear in the military legal drama “JAG” and the spin-off military policing drama “NCIS.”

It has been suggested Morshower’s persona is that of a strong disciplined protective role, such as military, secret service or police man, which many of his roles are. The evidence, the actor’s resume of acting credits, speaks volumes.

Is there a genre the actor has not worked on? Possibly not.

Morshower is a familiar actor to many science fiction fans. Inclusive of “Quantum Leap,” “Babylon 5,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

What is Morshower currently working on?

The productions “The Runners,” “Color Me You,” and “Curvature,” currently in pos-production, are being released late this year. Then there is the television series “I’m Dying Up Here.”

I’m Dying Up Here,” a one hour dramedy, will be televised later this year.

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