If you think the regular “Chopped” episodes are entertaining, you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t watched “Chopped: After Hours.”

When viewers watch the regular “Chopped” episodes, viewers are often left wondering if the judges would be able to use the mandatory basket ingredients in a delicious cohesive dish. In “Chopped: After Hours,” the judges take over the kitchen and do exactly that.

As anyone that has watched “Chopped” will tell you, the baskets typically contain ingredients which no one in their right minds would combine into a single dish.

Think about it. Does fish carcass, Tasso ham, Calabrian chiles and purple potatoes sound like they belong on the same plate? Not in a million years.

In the All-Star Finale, contestants were tasked with using this basket to compose an appetizer. With such a strange combination of ingredients, the chefs competing in the episode proved they had the culinary chops to craft amazing appetizers. Were the judges able to do the same?

As host Ted Allen will tell you, “if you want to see how our judges do the cooking, you have to peek into the ‘Chopped’ kitchen after hours.”

Geoffrey Zakarian, Scott Conant and Alex Guarnaschelli successfully transformed fish carcasses, Tasso ham, Calabrian chiles and purple potatoes into beautiful appetizers.

The dishes speak for themselves.