Born on April 28, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska, Jorge Garcia is possibly best known for his portrayal of Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes in the television series “Lost.”

Even though the Omaha born actor is best known for his “Lost” character, this does not mean this was the only production he appeared in.

Jorge Garcia (April 28, 1973-)

In addition to “Lost,” Reyes is also known for the television series such as the detective drama “Hawaii Five-0,” the fairy tale based series “Once Upon a Time” and the short-lived science fiction drama “Alcatraz.” Then there is of course the Netflix original movie “Ridiculous 6.”

Like Kevin James, Garcia is equally known for performing as a stand-up comedian as he is for his acting for television cameras.

Breaking into the entertainment industry did not come easily to Garcia.

Like many hopeful actors, the Nebraska born actor spent a considerable number of years auditioning for parts before he attained his big break. During this time, he worked for Borders Books and Music.

Garcia later said that his first taste of street recognition came from starring in a Jack in the Box commercial which was aired frequently on local television.

Interestingly, it was his role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which influenced the “Lost” producers to cast Garcia. It should be noted Garcia was not only the first person cast in “Lost,” the character he was cast in was specifically for him.