Anyone familiar with the television shows Lost and Person of Interest will know of Michael Emerson’s work.

Recently, Emerson made his Arrowverse debut in the Arrow episode “Reversal.” As Helix founder Cayden James, Emerson adds yet another charismatically charming character to his acting credits.

Emerson’s character being charming doesn’t mean he is playing for the good guys. Even though some of the characters the Iowa born actor plays are either ambiguously good or bad, there is no uncertainty to which side of the fence James resides.

James has a villainously devious mind. This aspect of Emerson’s character is abundantly apparent when we discovered he anticipated Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) response to his plans. He didn’t want to get his digital footprints anywhere near the Vault. The Vault is the beating heart of the internet.

To prevent the Vault from exploding and bringing down the entire internet, Smoak was forced to disengage the system’s firewall protections. While the future consequences for Smoak remains uncertain, the firewall being down provided James with the opportunity he needed to upload a piece of code critical to Arclight. Considering it was estimated 4 percent of the world’s population will die because of James’ plans, anything relating to Arclight cannot be good.