President Donald J. Trump was right


President Donald J. Trump’s assertions pertaining to a president under constant federal investigation have become a fact of life.

A president under constant investigation is a liability to the country and the people that reside in it. The eyes of the world, especially world leaders, have been cast in the direction of this once great country.

Do you remember what Trump’s supporters tweeted? I do.

Instead of making America great, all Trump has accomplished during his fledgling administration is make the United States a laughing stock for well-seasoned world leaders to point their contemptuous fingers at and mock incessantly.

While Trump has been wrong about a lot of things, during the run up to the 2016 Presidential Election, he was correct about one thing.

When Trump was running for the Presidency of these United States, he indicated if the people were to vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we would be stuck with a criminally minded President under constant investigation by the F.B.I.

Little did I realise, when I cast my vote for Clinton, how correct Trump was.

We are now more than a year into Trump’s presidency. Since casting my vote for Clinton, I have indeed found myself stuck with a criminally minded President under constant federal investigation.

When Trump was campaigning, he forcefully made the argument only he could “Make America Great Again,” only he had the determination and fortitude to carry the United States forwards through the troubling times we now find ourselves entrenched.

The government is heading for yet another shutdown.

Even though Republicans control the House of Representatives, the United States Senate and the White House, Trump has made it clear he feels Democrats are to blame for the government not functioning as it should.

It’s almost as if Republicans, at least when it pertains to living up to their responsibilities as elected public servants, have been given a get-out-of-jail-free-card by their leader.

If in doubt, blame Democrats.

In a tweet posted Thursday, 18 Jan. 2018, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted, “The choice to fund the government by Friday is simple. 1) pass a noncontroversial, bipartisan bill to keep the government open OR 2) Democrats manufacture a crisis & force a government shutdown over an unrelated issue that we have until at least March to resolve.”

With many Republican voters only getting their news from the right-wing television network Fox News, its not difficult for them to spin a narrative which would cast anyone that opposes Trump in a negative light.

True to form, Fox News’ Sean Hannity tweeted, “Tonight I’ll have live coverage of the possible government shutdown and get reaction from @SebGorka, @SaraCarterDC, @GreggJarrett, @edhenry, @KellyannePolls, @PamBondi, @THEHermanCain, @dbongino, @GeraldoRivera and more.”

Bipartisanship has never been something Hannity has pushed on his show, ever. With guests such as these, Hannity was in his element.

According to Trump, when a government shutdown occurs, the buck stops with the president. “A tremendously negative mark on the President of the United States,” Trump has been quoted to have said when asked to discuss his opinions of a pending government shutdown. This was in Oct. 2013.

In the previous month, Sept. 2013, Tump appeared on Fox News via telephone to discuss the state of the government under then President Barack Obama. Trump made the case for the president being responsible for government shutdowns.

In a tweet posted in the early hours of Saturday morning, former Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine tweeted, “This is the shutdown Donald Trump and Rs have been calling for, and Virginians will suffer. We put forward offer after offer tonight to prevent this and keep the gov’t open, and Rs rejected every single one. We’re still at the table. Rs should reopen the government and join us.”

We are only hours away from the United States Senate reconvening. Will we see an agreement ironed out or will the government shutdown? Either way, Trump will most likely go off to his Floridan shithole for a few rounds of golf.

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Shain E. Thomas, a contributor to the Handbook of Texas Online, is a University of North Texas graduate student majoring in Library Information Science.