Sneaky Pete’s Second Season is Spectacular


If you are not looking to read spoilers, don’t read this article.

Sneaky Pete is arguably one of Amazon Prime’s better productions. With Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Margo Martindale, Peter Gerety, Shane McRae, Libe Barer and Ethan Embry as the not so real Pete Murphy / Marius Josipovic, Julia, Audrey Bernhardt, Otto Bernhardt, Taylor, Carly and the real Pete Murphy, respectively, the drama of this production is intense.

Beginning with the Adam Arkin directed season premiere The Sinister Hotel Room Mystery, the entire second season was made available to Amazon Prime subscribers Friday, 9 Mar. 2018. If you loved Sneaky Pete’s first season, there is no way you will not love the recently premiered second season.

Do you have trust in Pete? That’s what the theme music asks us to do. The music for the first season was handled by Nathan Barr. Stephen Lukach took over for the second season.

If you watched the first season, you will know Bryan Cranston co-created the series with David Shore. Further, Cranston is not only an executive producer on the show, he played the principle antagonist. In March 2016, it was announced Shore would be replaced on the show by Graham Yost.

Yost took over as an executive producer and showrunner. To allow for a smooth transition from Shore to Yost, after the series première was made available Friday, 7 Aug. 2015, the rest of the first season was delayed more than a year, landing on Amazon Prime Friday, 13 Jan. 2017.

The premise of the second season, while the first season was designed to introduce Amazon Prime subscribers to the principle characters, is a tad more complicated. Each episode flows from one into the next seamlessly.

With the real Pete out of prison in the episode Inside Out, even though the not so real Pete / Marius orchestrated Pete’s release,  him not being in prison was bound to create some significant problems for one of the them.

Because Marius was able to get his photograph switched with Pete’s on their official police and prison reports, Carly is under the impression the real Pete is Josipovic. Meanwhile, Otto comes face to face with a man out to avenge his father’s death.

In one of many subplots, Julia is having issues with laundering the money from the previous season. Everyone in this show has issues. That’s what makes this series so watchable. Everyone has something to hide. No one is Snow White.