The fifth episode of Gene Roddenberry’s classic science fiction series “Star Trek” titled “The Enemy Within” addresses two very different sides of Capt. James T. Kirk’s personality. With a teleplay written by Richard Matheson, this episode revolves around the first of many transporter accidents depicted in episodes of the original series.

In this episode, when beaming back to the USS Enterprise, a malfunction in the transporter system splits the captain into two halves.

While the first half to appear on the transporter pad is meek and indecisive, the second half transported to the ship is violent and ill tempered.

Directed by Leo Penn, this fifth episode stars the regular series actors William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, James Doohan and Grace Lee Whitney as Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Scott and Yeoman Janice Rand, respectively.

In “The Enemy Within,” Shatner is required to pull double-duty by playing both “good” and “bad” Kirks.

As referenced in other articles pertaining to the series’ first season, one should not expect to see any significant references to Walter Koenig’s Chekov. The Russian character does not show up in the series until the season two premiere, the Joseph Pevney directed “Amok Time.”

The Penn directed episode, televised on Thursday, 6 Oct. 1966, had incorporated into it a complete score written by composer Sol Kaplan.

Prior to working on “Star Trek,” Kaplan is also known for creating music which was used on the Dallas Bower directed ‘Alice in Wonderland” (1949), the Delmer Daves directed “Return of the Texan” (1952) and the Martin Ritt directed “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” (1965).

Tasked with editing this episode was Fabien D. Tordjmann. When it comes to film editing, “Star Trek” was not Tordjmann’s first rodeo, nor was it his last. After editing “Life in the Dance Hall,” a 1965 Jud Taylor directed episode of the “Dr. Kildare,” Tordjmann was brought on board to edit episodes of Roddenberry’s science fiction series.

With no fewer than 22 “Star Trek” episodes under his belt, Tordjmann went on to edit episodes of “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1974), “Starsky and Hutch” (1975), the 1982 Max Fischer  directed drama “Killing ’em Softly” and the 1993 David Lee Miller directed “Breakfast of Aliens.”

If you ever wondered the identity of the hair stylist that worked on shows such as “Broadside,” “Kung Fu,” “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “The New Mike Hammer” and “North and South,” that person was Virginia Darcy.

Beginning with “The Man Trap,” inclusive of “The Enemy Within,” Darcy worked on 27 episodes. The hair stylist’s relationship with the Roddenberry series came to an end in 1967 when she worked on the Herschel Daugherty directed “Operation – Annihilate!.”

Even though Darcy had worked closely with makeup artist Fred B. Phillips on several episodes, it is odd he was the only person from the hair stylist-makeup duo asked back for the 1979 Robert Wise directed big screen adventure “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

While “The Enemy Within” is listed as the fifth episode of the original “Star Trek” series, the title of this article, “Star Trek: S1.E6. ‘The Enemy Within’” accounts for the existence of the Robert Butler directed pilot episode “The Cage.”

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