Star Trek: S1.E7. “Mudd’s Women”

Star Trek (1966)

Anyone familiar with the “Star Trek” universe will know of the reoccurring character Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd.

The Harvey Hart directed “Mudd’s Women” was first televised in the United States on Thursday, 13 Oct. 1966. With a story written by “Star Trek” series creator Gene Roddenberry, “Mudd’s Women” was assigned to writer  Stephen Kandel to pen a plausible teleplay.

In his first appearance in the “Star Trek” universe, Mudd is played by Roger C. Carmel. Even though Mudd has been known to have cast himself as an “entrepreneur” of sorts, if one were to listen to the description given by Enterprise captain James T. Kirk, Carmel’s character is a “swindler and con man … liar and rogue.”

Mudd is first seen in the company of three beautiful women, Eve McHuron, Ruth Bonaventure, and Magda Kovacs, whom the entire male personnel of the Enterprise crew are immediately transfixed with as if a spell had been place upon them. The women with Mudd were played by Karen Steele, Maggie Thrett and Susan Denberg, respectively.

The story Roddenberry wrote for “Mudd’s Women” was one of three the series creator had submitted to NBC for production as the second pilot. Even though the James Goldstone directed “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was selected as the second pilot, with network executives liking all three stories Roddenberry had presented, both “Mudd’s Women” and “The Omega Glory” produced as part of the series.

While both “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Mudd’s Women” were produced as part of the series’ first season, the Vincent McEveety directed “The Omega Glory” was a second season offering.

Mudd’s police record

Not surprisingly, the actor featured in Mudd’s mugshot image is Carmel.

Wilson as Mudd (2017)

Since first appearing in the Hart directed episode, even though Mudd was played by “The Office” (American version) alum Rainn Wilson in the Lee Rose directed “Star Trek: Discovery” episode “Choose Your Pain” (Sunday, 15, Oct. 2017), the character has made at least one chronologically earlier appearance.

Despite the IMDb listing for “Mudd’s Women” shows the episode was the sixth one televised, it was the fourth episode produced. Further, the title of this article, “Star Trek: S1.E7. ‘Mudd’s Women’” recognises the Robert Butler directed pilot episode “The Cage” as being the first “Star Trek” episode. Consequently, “Mudd’s Women” is referenced in this article as being the seventh episode rather than the sixth.