Confusing as it seems, the IMDb page for the animated series “Thunderbirds Are Go” lists what Amazon Prime references as season three as the first half of season two. This is not surprising considering what IMDb lists as season one is referenced on Amazon Prime as seasons one and two.

If only both IMDb and Amazon Prime could reference the episodes in the same way.

Despite this anomaly, it should be noted the current season, regardless of how you reference the episodes, are just as entertaining as the source material used for crafting this series.

Anyone familiar with the series will know that “Thunderbirds Are Go” is set in the mid-twenty-first century. The principle characters Scott Tracy, John Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Alan Tracy, and Kayo form International Rescue. For this series, the character Tin Tin was renamed Kayo because Tin Tin was copyrighted for “The Adventures of Tin Tin.”

International Rescue is secret organisation dedicated to saving human life from industrial disasters.

Constructed specifically to aid them in their missions, the International Rescue team has some of the most advanced vehicles used for land, sea, air and space rescues.

Supporting the team’s efforts is Lady Penelope, Parker and Grandma Tracy.

Many of the episode in the season references an aspect of the original series.

“Deep Search,” the third episode in the season uses elements adapted from the original Century 21 comic story “Solar Danger.” Further, the same episode features the character Buddy Pendergast. Anyone familiar with the now late Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter,” will appreciate the animated character has more than a touch of the Australian’s flair for television presenting.

The fifth episode “Colony” uses elements adapted from the original 1966 film “Thunderbirds Are Go;” the eleventh episode “Weather or Not” features elements adapted from the original Thunderbirds episode “Edge of Impact,” and the season finale “Escape Proof” uses elements adapted from the original Century 21 comic story “Operation Earthquake.”

The season features guest voices Jenna Coleman as Baines, Vas Blackwood as Reece, Adam Hills as Buddy Pendergast, Sanjeev Bhaskar as Ethan Sullivan, Rich Hall as Captain Lee Taylor, Jack Whitehall as Francois Lemaire, Rhys Darby as Langstrom Fischler, Jack Whitehall as Francois Lemaire, Tom Rosenthal as Brandon Berrenger, and Omid Djalili as Horse Williams.

Ghost Ship
Deep Search
City Under the Sea
Up from the Depths: Part One
Up from the Depths: Part Two
Lost Kingdom
High Strung
Weather or Not
Fight or Flight
Escape Proof
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