Even though there are many culinary pairings which sound delightful, President Donald Trump’s favourite meal of steak served with a side of ketchup is not one of those pairings.

Trump has an opportunity to sample some of the world’s finest culinary creations but will undoubtedly insist they serve him steak and ketchup. Trump apparently has two squirts of ketchup with his steak.

What kind of impression does steak and ketchup give world leaders? It certainly isn’t refined.

When it comes to the world stage, Trump is not trying to fit in with world leaders.

Compared with the menu crafted for President Barack Obama’s last dinner with the king in Saudi Arabia, in Jan. 2015, the dish Trump desires seems a tad uncouth.

While it is evident Trump’s tastes are being catered for, traditional Saudi cuisine remains a prominent feature.

Why not?

As the phrase “when in Rome” intimates, during a visit to Rome, it is customary to eat as the Romans do.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely Trump will take this approach to experiencing Saudi gastronomic pleasures.

It should be noted, if Trump indulges himself with his favourite meal, the beef used in its preparation will have been butchered in Shariah-compliant halal manner, as per Islamic custom.