Last night saw the USA Network première “Psych: The Movie.” There is no doubt psych-os, fans of the series, will not miss this television movie.

“Psych: The Movie,” written and directed by “Psych” series creator Steve Franks, is set in San Francisco three years after the events that transpired in the “Psych” series finale.

With a San Francisco detective agency named psychrancisco, the interior of the agency is an exact replica of the Chinese store featured in the 1984 Joe Dante directed fantasy comedy “Gremlins.” It’s brilliant.

The film saw the entire “Psych” cast James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernsen, reprise their respective characters.

It was all there. It was like the past three years had not happened. The cast, back in character and on form, was impeccable. The only downside was the lack of scenes with Carlton Lassiter. Lassiter, played by Omundson, only appears in one scene. While this was disappointing, the character being absent from much of the television movie should have been expected.

If you recall, Omundson suffered a stroke just before filming on the television movie began. Consequently, the production screenplay underwent a rewrite. More importantly, Omundson is still with us. Over the past year, we have lost too many talented entertainment professionals. At least Omundson was not one of them.

In addition to the regular “Psych” cast members, the television movie starred Dexter Bell, Ashley Fliehr, Kurt Fuller, Robert LaSardo, Zachary Levi, Ralph Macchio, Nathan Mitchell, Jazmyn Simon and Jimmi Simpson.

Even though Coroner Woody Strode was considered a reoccurring character, Fuller played the coroner in no less than 33 episodes. If you recall the season eight episode “Someone’s Got a Woody,” you will remember the coroner was taken hostage.

This should have elevated the actor to main cast status. Despite this point, it was nice seeing Fuller being part of the television movie. Not having Fuller in the production would have been wrong.

Levi, better known for playing title role in the Chris FedakJosh Schwartz created series “Chuck,” was spectacular.

Initially, I thought Levi was playing the principle bad guy. Retrospectively speaking, I should have known this was misdirection. I should have anticipated Mr. Yang, played by Ally Sheedy, making an appearance.

It was also fun seeing Macchio. If you aren’t familiar with Macchio, shame on you. Macchio, best known for playing Daniel LaRusso in the original 1984 John G. Avildsen directed family action dramedy “The Karate Kid,” reprised his role Nick Conforth from the 2010 “Psych” episode “We’d Like to Thank the Academy.”

Interestingly, four years after Macchio’s original “Psych” appearance, in the 2014 episode “Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement,“ “The Karate Kid” actor played Logan Phelps.

Of course, Macchio was not the only actor to reprise a character he had previously played in the “Psych” series. Simpson reprised his role as Mary Lightly.

It’s always good seeing Simpson. Inclusive of the 2013 “Psych” musical episode “Psych the Musical,” Simpson appeared in four series episodes. In each episode, the actor was simply stunning. Simpson, now known for playing William in HBO’s “Westworld,” didn’t miss a beat. Even though it was part of Shaun’s dream sequence, it was nice seeing Mary.

Shaun and Juliet are finally married. It took them long enough. What can I say? It was a fabulous opening film to the “Psych” television movie franchise. And the cliffhanger ending was not entirely unexpected. The series creator has indicated, “Psych: The Movie” hopes to make five more television movies.

As of today, the television movie is available to buy from Amazon Instant Video. Be under no illusion this will be the last time we will see the “Psych” cast reunited.